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To share an authentic experience drawing from the Macrobiotic Unique Principle, which seeks balance between the 2 opposed and complementary forces: Yin and Yang – hence the name of the restaurant.

2Y presents and interactive space where the client can appreciate food prepared in a mindful and coherent way, from the seed to the finished dish. To do so, we only use 100% natural organic produce, vitalized restructured water, taking it back to its source, and cutting-edge kitchen equipment which is resistant to chemical reactions and protects the quality, purity and taste of the food. We approach every detail from a holistic perspective in a mindful and emotional way.

As an example, our cookware is made of surgical titanium to avoid polluting the food with small metal particles, enhancing the textures, flavours and natural nutritious elements of the ingredients.

At the forefront of a macrobiotic dish we find the whole grain cereal, as we understand that it is the most energetically balanced food. Legumes, seitan, tempeh and tofu will provide the protein, since we work on plant-based principles alone. These will be accompanied by seasonal vegetables cooked in a simple and precise manner for them to keep their natural flavour together with a salad or a pickle depending on the time of the year.

We use a number of specific foods, recognized for their medicinal properties, such as seaweed, fermented products such as miso, tamari and the famous umeboshi plums, roots such as daikon, burdock and lotus, and shitake mushrooms. We also cook with sea water due to its therapeutic qualities.

To sweeten or prepare desserts we use the natural sweetness of the fruit, vegetables and nuts and also rice, corn and agave syrups.
We offer you decaffeinated teas, thanks to their three-year-long drying process in the plant, such as Kukicha or Bancha teas, cereal malts or digestive infusions such as Mu tea.
We consider food as a vehicle to reconnect with the innate common sense in every one of us, to heal ourselves physically and mentally and enjoy life, which is a gift.
Feeding ourselves from common sense creates good thoughts. Good thoughts are the foundation for a good life.
This is a restaurant created with zeal and simplicity, which aims to transmit our love for cooking and our devotion to help our client feel looked after and above all… well nourished!


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